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A beautiful Lionfish on a Coin!

Maddened Attack
© Carl Roessler 1995
Madden Shark Attack
As seen in the Academy Award Nominated Film, Steve Jobs!

Big Bro Opens Up
Bomber Comes Around Merrick Butte
DJI Inspire Pro Nov2015
Shark Takes Bait Showing Teeth !!!

Great White Shark
Coral Sea Jessica Getting to know A potato Cod

Sensational Headlines
Papua New Guinea Gray Sharks fight Over Bait

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RedSea Sphinx Pyramid In Background

The Ring of Fire

A Beneath the Sea Award for Carl
March 23, 2013

Beneath the Sea Award for Carl Roessler March 23, 2013

On JANUARY 25, 2007 Carl
was inducted into the

Scuba Hall of Fame

A NOGI Award for Carl
October 23, 2008

New Orleans Grand Isle

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Carl's Books
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