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The Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

This site is a huge reparatory of dinosaur bone fossils, and even one dinosaur egg. It is a working quarry, with paleontologists and students carefully extracting prize fossils from the stone in which they are encased.

A ranger told me that they are now up to some 70,000 bones of at least 22 species. By far the most prevalent were the predatory pack hunters called Allosaurs. Bones of 44 Allosaurs have been recovered, meaning that this was a huge predator trap for large dinosaurs that came to drink at the site.

One theory is that this was a broad river flood plain, therefore a source of water but also a place for hunting Allosaurs to find their prey exposed. Add the characteristics of a mud hole where larger dinosaurs such as Diplodocus sank into mud because of their enormous size (up to 90 feet) and weight and you envision the trap it presented.

Bones from this quarry supply museums all over the world.
Allosaurus Display Bone Location Chart Camarasaurus Akakchum Dinos Under Glass
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