Quail Creek Park In St. George

Aerial Photography Using Drones Fall of 2014

1 Wave Patterns Quail Creek 2 Water Skier At Quail Creek Park

Aerial Photography Using Drones Spring of 2015

St. George is on the main highway northward from Las Vegas to many national parks. Zion National Park is in nearby Hurricane, Utah, where we also find the man-made lake and recreation area known as Sand Hollow. Sand Hollow has boating and miles of rolling sand dunes, a delight for the numerous ATV drivers who roar about over them.

A few miles away, another state park and man-made lake are found at Quail Creek. This is another superb spot for boating, fishing and water-skiing.

Then, just northwest of Quail Creek is a beautiful mountain park called Red Cliffs.  Red Cliffs has an excellent road system which provides many small, private picnic areas at the foot of the towering red sandstone parapets.

1 West Shore Of Quail Creek State Park 3 Quail Creek Pano 2 Center Of Quail Creek State Park

Fall of 2015

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