The Million Dollar Highway Near Purgatory

The Million Dollar Highways runs North from Durango at the southern end of the San Juan Mountains. Following the road North, we rise into the mountain range, with 12,000-14,000 peaks in view as we drive.

Purgatory is a ski resort, and the cliffs to the North and South of the resort were ablaze with aspens. A quick side comment on videos 7 and 8: Notice the nearly empty lake in the videos. That is Electra Lake, and it has been allowed to empty to repair a flow line, resulting in this notice on their web site: Notice: Repair work on the flow line that brings water to Electra Lake from the high country will prevent water reaching the lake in 2020 or 2021. Due to the low water level, the lake will remain closed for recreation until further notice.

Aerial Photography Using Drones
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