Abiquiu Lake & Dam

I studied Google Maps to decide whether Abiquiu Lake was worth the long drive to get there. It looked very intriguing, so I  drove for 2 1/2 hours from Farmington toward Abquiu, which lies North of Albuquerque.

The temperatures overnight there were below freezing, and I worried on arrival that drone batteries might not work (they hate cold). By 10:00 A.M., things were looking up. Not a cloud in the sky, the Sun rapidly warming things up--and a sensational lake and dam to explore.

Abiquiu Dam is fun; you can drive right across the crest of the dam. A switchback road runs down the eastern face to the Chama River and allowed me to fly for some good video in its canyon.  I drove across the dam and down the switchback with my GoPro, and had several very productive and color-drenched flights out over the lake and the dam with my drones.

Abiquiu Lake And Dam MAP
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