Heron Lake

This is a large and quiet lake, with a road that runs right across the dam and along the shore. With that access, I had two wonderful flights over the lake and tried to capture its expanse in panoramic photographs. Given that this was a late Winter day, with many snow patches in the forests along the drive here, I felt very fortunate with the calm morning I enjoyed. Cool but flyable.

Later in the morning it got warmer. I went over to nearby El Vado Lake and had a beautiful and easy flying session.
From a base in Farmington, Heron and El Vado Lakes can be combined in a single day, because they are close to each other.

Abiquiu is further East, and with a five hour round trip of driving requires its own day.

El Vado And Heron Lakes MAP
1 Heron Lake Pano
3 Heron Lake Pano
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