Spring 2015 Gunlock Reservoir and Lower Sand Lake Reservoir
Gunlock, Utah

Not far from St. George on southwestern Utah, the town of Gunlock has a large reservoir. Driving to the reservoir, I discovered that there is also a smaller lake which lies near the border of the Paiute Indian Reservation.

In the early morning light, each lake is quite beautiful, especially when we can soar above them with our drone-mounted cameras.  I’m enjoying supplementing my pictures from shore with examples of the view that previously only birds enjoyed!

Gunlock Reservoir is by far the larger of the two lakes. Moreover, when I visited the water level in the Lower Sand Lake Reservoir was quite low. Still, for atmospherics and beautiful color, these small lakes in the desert are hard to beat.
1 Gunlock Reservoir 2 Gunlock Reservoir
Lower Sand Lake Reservoir Near Gunlock
1 Lower Sand Lake Reservoir From Above

2 Lower Sand Lake Reservoir Pano

Gunlock Reservoir Dam And Mountains UT

Gunlock Reservoir South End UT
Gunlock Reservoir Pano UT
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