Toquerville Falls, near St. George, Utah!
Fall 2017

A few miles North of St. George, we turn toward Toquerville. A left turn on Spring Drive begins a rugged odyssey. Several miles over a car-breaking mountain road brings us to a calm, broad valley with candy-striped buttes. Across the valley from the road I used lay the falls.

You can barely hear the falls from the high road, and even when you are close to them there is not the roar of a cataract like several I have visited this year.

A nice young man was camping there. He told me that the high road I had taken was better than the low road he had used. He had taken that low road, got stuck and had to be towed. Out here is no place to break down!

The falls is modest but charming, a place where local families who own strong 4-wheel drive vehicles can enjoy a picnic. To be fair, there is a sign at the beginning of the monstrous road warning all ye who enter here…

I climbed around on both sides of the falls, drove across the top and flew the drone up and down the gorge.

Not in the same class as some of the huge falls I've visited this year, but a charming spot as long as you have a very tough 4-wheel drive!

Aerial Photography Using Drones

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