Wasatch Mountains

Fall October 2021

Wasatch Mountain Fall Foliage For One Day

This was intended as a one-week visit to enjoy the Fall colors, but a large storm intruded on my plan. I only managed to get in one day before leaving for home, and there were large clouds putting dark shadows in all of my sunlit scenes.

Fall October 2019

Wasatch Mountains Fall Colors October 2019 Part 3

Finally, here is the payoff for the trips to Salt Lake City and its nearby Wasatch Range.
Different canyons in the range displayed their colors somewhat differently. Farmington Canyon’s display was rather subdued throughout, while Snowbasin, Emigration Canyon, the Pineview Wall and Wasatch Mountain State Park were resplendent in vivid hues.

Now that Winter is setting in, I hope these videos leave you with happy memories of a grand Fall season!

Fall September 2019

Wasatch Mountains Fall Colors September 2019 Part 2

In these three major galleries, I have tried to illustrate the development of Fall colors in three stages. In Summer (my ‘Part 1 Gallery) there is no sign of them.

In mid-September there are faint but unmistakable signs that the color change is coming. A solitary tree turning pink or red, a cluster of isolated trees breaking out into several colors at nearly the same time. In general, the colors are half-hearted—dull pastels or only a few out of many turning red or yellow.

During my three visits I did return to places which seemed most likely to provide strong color sometime in early October. In ‘Part 3—early October,’ you will see how it all worked out.

Summer 2019

Wasatch Mountains Summer Colors 2019 Part 1

This was an exploratory visit in July 2019 to the Wasatch Mountains, which border Salt Lake City on its East side (see map). The Great Salt Lake borders the city on the West side.

The Wasatch Range runs for about one hundred miles North/South, providing a stunning backdrop to the bustling city.

The mountain range is crossed by four highways, and there are additional large canyons which penetrate deeply into the mountains but do not reach the East side.

All of these canyons are thickly forested, and therefore prime candidates for strong foliage colors two months after this exploratory visit. I visited several reservoirs on the East side of the mountains, then drove up into the various canyons looking for places which would provide the best Fall color sites when I return.

Now that I have scouted the terrain, I hope to show you some dazzling color in Part 2 of this gallery. Stay tuned!

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