Fantasy Canyon
Uintah County, Utah

Fantasy Canyon is an experience, a novelty with some interesting photographic challenges. If it resembles even superficially any other site in the southwest, it would be Goblin Valley, located about 100 miles South.

This is a rather remote and difficult place to reach. It is not close to any population center, is surrounded by miles of open desert dotted with automated oil wells, has almost no roads that aren’t hard-packed dirt, and impresses visitors with a constant stream of big oil-transport vehicles moving quickly.

For a discussion of the geology of Fantasy Canyon, let me provide a link to the Utah Geologic Survey report on the area.

For the photographer, some of the many formations seem to be little gargoyles with expressive faces. Perhaps that is like seeing animals in cloud formations, but it is fun to try to coax the portraits out of the stone.

A Face In The Stone Intricate Formations Another Face In The Stone
Desert and Oil Rigs Desert Near Fantasy Canyon Desert and Oil Risgs Close Up
Gargoyles1 Gargoyles4 Gargoyles3
Gargoyles5 Gargoyles6 Gargoyles7d
Gargoyles8   Jabba The What

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