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The Flaming Gorge Dam is on the Green River in the northeastern corner of Utah, and its 90-mile long reservoir extends North through winding canyons into Wyoming.

The dam is of similar design and mass to Hoover and Glen Canyon dams, holding back and regulating a huge body of fresh water.

One particularly spectacular section of river is at Red Canyon, where viewers stand on cliffs high above the riuver as it flows between immense sandstone walls.

The entire area endured cataclysmic geologic upheaval over eons, and we can see the results today. The Sheep Creek Geological Loop is a road which passes through a series of towering formations—each formation composed of a completely different layer of ancient sandstone. One after another layer of ancient seabed were violently tilted during tectonic collisions, then slowly eroded to be visible today.

Flaming Gorge Dam

Water Pours Below Dam Sign Explains Dam Ninety Miles Of Paradise
Sandstone Cliffs Near Inlet Reservoir Behind Flaming Gorge Dam
Reservoir Inlet Near Manila Reservoir Inlet South Of Manila Road From Flaming Gorge

Red Canyon

A Very Dangerous Edge! Sign About Canyon History Be Careful On That Edge!
Red Canyon View Left West Side Of Red Canyon View Pano Speedboats On River!
Eastern Arm Different Day   Eastern View Of Red Canyon

Sheep Creek Geological Loop

Sandstone Towers Sandstone Layering Sandstone Wall By Road
Sheep Creek Geologic 6 Big Corner In Sheep Creek Sheep Creek Geologic 7

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