Cottonwood Canyon Road and The Grosvenor Arch
The Inspire Drone
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The Grosvenor Arch lies ten miles South of Kodachrome Basin State Park by the side of the rugged Cottonwood Canyon Road. The road has some distinctly rough patches, and yet it was a beautiful drive because of a riot of Spring flowers in the fields along the way.

When we reach the Arch, it towers above the landscape like some grand palace.  The structure contains a distinctive double arch, with the larger span soaring 99 feet, with a spectacular blue sky visible through it.

While the Arch is worth everything it takes to photograph it, the insect life stands out as the greatest hazard. Flying teeth are everywhere, and the photographer pays a price for whatever images he manages to get.

Still, three weeks later the bites fade and you still have the spectacular pictures. It is a bargain distinctly worth making.

We download a small library of images to display on each of these gallery pages. That takes a number of seconds, but we think you will very much enjoy the result!

The Road to Grosvenor Arch.
Flowers by the road to Grosvenor Arch.
A truck on the road to Grosvenor Arch.
The Grosvenor Arch has a double arch withing.
The Grosvenor Arch final Panorama shot.
Closer to The Grosvenor Arch.
Looking up through the double arches withing The Grosvenor Arch. The road to Kadachrome in panorama. The Grosvenor Arch with Visitors.

Video clips:

Grosvenor Arch From Walkway
from Carl Roessler

Looking Up Through Grosvenor's Arch
from Carl Roessler

A YouTube Video of Grosvenor Arch

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