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Twin Falls, Idaho 2014

I made an enjoyable trip to Twin Falls in 2014, just before I took up drone flying.I was first attracted to southern Idaho by accounts of Shoshone Falls, which stands higher than Niagara Falls, and is often called ‘The Niagara of the West.’

When I began researching the area, I found that there were many other things to see and immediately arranged a visit. As you will see in the galleries, it is quite a varied and scenic spot, with rich rewards for photographers quite apart from the huge waterfall!

Twin Falls is notable for several attractions, which are shown here in separate galleries.

Balanced Rock

In the nearby town of Buhl, Balanced Rock sits high on a bluff. 48 feet in height and weighing more than forty tons, it rests on a slender pedestal only 3 feet by 17 inches. Note the comparative size of the people returning from climbing to the rock.



BASE Jumping Off the Perrine Bridge

The Bridge named in honor of an early settler is one of the rare places where parachute jumping is legal. Jumpers come in from everywhere. For example, I met three—from Florida, Seattle and Hawaii—who came in for a few days of four to six jumps per day.

Given the exhausting climb back up out of the Snake River Canyon (as you will see in the galleries), four to six jumps is a physically demanding day. I just read an interesting story from the local newspaper, “BASE Jumper too drunk to walk out of Snake River Canyon after jumping off Perrine Bridge.” Think about that after you watch the videos…

Parenthetically, BASE stands for ‘Building, Antenna, Span and Earth,’ the places from which the jumpers parachute.


Malad Gorge State Park

This small park is a river canyon distinguished by an unusual waterfall known as The Devil’s Washbowl.’ A place for a brief drive before seeing other parks in the region—but that waterfall is worth the effort to see it. Malad Gorge and other nearby parks are portions of a larger park complex known as Thousand Springs State Park, centered in Hagerman, West of Twin Falls.



Niagara Springs Park

Niagara Springs illustrates the incredible abundance of underground water in this dairy-farming region of southern Idaho. Several of the waterfalls that fill these galleries are breakouts of underground rivers which suddenly reach a canyon and pour out of the slopes.



Ritter Island Park

During my stay the park itself was closed (it opens on Memorial day, which is today as I write this). However, a beautiful waterfall near the entrance was in full flow. The wind was coming up, which made for some spectacular effects as the water was blown off the falls...


Perrine Coulee Falls

This is a lovely falls, its location within eyesight of the Perrine Bridge, but around a corner where we can’t quite see it. We do, however see from the bridge a hairpin turn in the road where one parks to see the falls.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is a huge complex of falls on the Snake River, two miles East of Twin Falls business district. The park is well laid out, so that we can view the huge falls from several vantage points. The falls only run at full capacity for a few weeks each year, and I missed it by a few days. The falls are higher than Niagara Falls, but for most of the year the water is diverted to agriculture and electrical power production.

Despite that, the falls drenched in Sun raise rainbows and are poetry for the viewed.

The gorge below the falls is also very impressive, even featuring another high waterfall precisely across the river from Shoshone Falls.

Phantom Seen From Below

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