Kodachrome Basin State Park

The park is criss-crossed with paved roads which lead to the trailheads of hiking trails. Most of the hikes are fairly short, under a mile, but involve some climbing.

The Angel’s Palace trail and overlook offers a very high vantage point from which one can look out over the basin.

One of the remarkable historical facts about the park is that it was in a past epoch riddled with geysers as the modern Yellowstone Park is. As time went by, the volcanic hot spot that caused the geysers  cooled or perhaps moved as the tectonic plate slowly moved.

When that happened, the dried-out geyser crevices filled with hard debris which was compacted over time. Then, in succeeding epochs, the soft sandstone surrounding these plugged geyser channels eroded away, so today we see the exposed plugs as spires and pinnacles.

It is hard for humans to comprehend such long spans of geologic time, but geologists can describe the succession of processes with confidence. For us, Kodachrome Basin is a delight and a photographic feast.

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Sign at Kadachrome Basin State Park. Formations near Grand Parade. Enlarged text of Kadachrome Basin State Park entrance sign. Mountains surrounding Kadachrome Basin State Park. Why is it called a BASIN signage.
Kadachrome Basin State Park's Grand Parade Panorama 3. Kadachrome Basin State Park path to Grand Parade. Kadachrome Basin State Park's Grand Parade Panorama 2. Kadachrome Basin State Park's Grand Parade Panorama1. Kadachrome Basin State Park's Grand Parade.
From Grand Parade toward Angel's Balcony. Angel's Palace Trail Signage. Angel's Panorama Photo. Trail to top of Angel's Panorama. Kadachrome Basin State Park Angel's view.
Chimney Rock Signage. Chimney Rock; Lone Ranger out here all by it's self? Shakespear Arc Looking at Shakespear Arch from below. Kadachrome Basin State Park sandstone pinnacle.
Sandstone spire and ridge.

Video clips:

Angels Palace Looking Toward Cliffsfrom Carl Roessler

Angels Palace Looking Out Over Kadachrome Basin State Park
from Carl Roessler

Chimney Rock In Kadachrome Basin State Park
from Carl Roessler

Grand Parade From Ranger Road
from Carl Roessler

View From Angels Palace To Grand Parade
from Carl Roessler

And a YouTube Video about Kadachrome Basin State Park

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