The San Rafael Swell

As you drive from the West across Route 70 toward Moab, you encounter two marvels. Ine is a colossal cliff, which crossed the highway—which had to be cut right through it.

I have included some of the signage which is at the bottom of the pass and at the top (the Black Dragon Pass). The day I was there, it was 20 degrees with a strong wind, so I didn’t hang around for a lot of pictures.

Which means-I’ll have to go back!
Signage Signage Signage
Signage Signage Signage
Formation at Top San Rafael Swell at the bottom. Utah High Desert.
  San Rafael Swell looking North.  
San Rafael Swell from Goblin Road Panoramic View Picture San Rafael Swell from Home Base Panoramic View Picture Highland San Rafael Swell
  Panoramic View of Spotted Wolf Canyonre  

Truck heads for Swell from Carl Roessler

The Wedge

If you turn off the 70 before you reach the San Rafael Swell traveling East, take a turn onto Route 10 and go North 38 miles. Then follow the signs to The Wedge, also called ‘Utah’s Grand Canyon.’

There are two main overlooks, which I tagged in the photos as East and West. Essentially, you are looking down into the enormous valley carved into the stone over eons by the San Rafael River. If you are fortunate to hit a sunny day as I did, the Sun pours down into the chasm and lights up big panoramic images.
East End of The Wedge Panoramic view. Sign at the Wedge. Looking Back from the Eastern Overlook
View from the Eastern Overlook.   The Wedge from the Western Overlook.

The Wedge From the Eastern Overlook
from Carl Roessler

The Wedge From the Western Overlook
from Carl Roessler

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