Moab, Utah

After a rewarding year of trips to California (twice), Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, I decided to take one last short trip to one of my favorite photographic places—Moab, in eastern Utah.

Moab is also hospitable for the Phantom drone, with the Colorado River only 4,100 feet above sea level. The high buttes are usually not much higher than 6,000 feet. Also, despite the National Park Service outlawing drones in nearby national parks such as Arches and Canyonlands, the Colorado River valley running through Moab is a spectacular and legal place to do flights.

This gallery celebrates the five days of spectacular weather I enjoyed, and the variety of wonders outside the national parks that going to Moab provides.
Fall 2011 Fall 2014
The San Rafael Swell and The Wedge 2011 Castle Valley Fall 2014
Potash Road to the West 2011

Potash Road West Fall 2014

Red Canyon 2011 Route 128 East Fall 2014
Manti-LaSal Mountain Loop 2011 Sunset Grill Restaurant Site Fall 2014

The Needles Sector of Canyonlands National Park 2011

Squaw Flats Road Fall 2014

Moab Map

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